I know that now more than ever we are all looking for faster, easier ways to access information, and hopefully this website points you in the right direction to access my own videos and lessons, as well as district resources available to you. In 2015 when I began this website my audience was primarily my students, as I wanted to provide them a central location to access the digital versions of our classroom instruction. After COVID, with Harris County School District centralizing most of our content to Google Classroom, my audience for this website has shifted to parents and guardians who do not have access to the Google Classroom suite. I hope to provide you with an overview so that you may assist and support your students learning at home. Should you have any questions or issues using the resources, please feel free to email me.

Google Classroom

While I cannot add parents to my Google Classrooms themselves, your student is the best resource to access all of my lessons, assignments, and class content. I update my Google Classroom by Monday morning with all of the major activities for the week – there may be a few tweaks here and there, but your student will have 99% of the resources on Monday morning. Simple ask your student to pull up Classroom on their Chromebook to view any of their assignments.


I do have a Remind set up for students and parents each semester. With this you can receive notifications and updates on homework, assignments and quizzes. I also have my Remind set so that students can ask me questions if need be up until 6pm. Please email me (click the mail icon at the top of the page) with your student’s name and class to receive my Remind code.

District Resources

Parents, remember you can access the Parent Portal and additional information via the ‘Parent’ tab (click here) on the school website (click here).

How To Use This Site:

At the top right hand corner of the webpage you will see icons that will lead you to my Youtube channel as well as an email icon. Additionally there is a magnifying glass you may use the search the site for the information or assignments that you are looking for. The menu bar at the top of the page provides you with links to the ‘Home’ page, ‘About Me’, and additional ‘Resources’ for education.

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