A list of useful resources for students and parents to use as needed.


Contacting Mrs. Pierce


YouTube Page

High School Homepage

CSU Homepage


Research Resources

Below you’ll find an assortment of resources that may help you during the research progress.

Harris County Library

Harris County High School Library

Galileo: Remember, you can log-in with the Harris County High School password, or if you are dual enrolled at Columbus State you may log-in with the CSU password for wider access to materials.

Google Scholar

Google Books




Writing Resources

Owl Purdue: If you need help with APA or MLA formatting, this is the place to visit.

Son of Citation:  A quick citation generator. Note, if it cannot automatically pull the information from the URL you provide, you will still need to manually type in the required information.

Creative Writing Prompts:  For those of you that enjoy the fun, creative writing prompts I sometimes use in class, here is a list of all of them.


Keep On Learning

Stuff You Missed in History Class : A wonderful podcast that covers a wide variety of historical topics! Episodes are only 30 minutes, so listen and learn the next time you’re riding the bus home or going for a run.

Crash Course: The Green Brother’s amazing video series on an assortment of topics. I use these often in class, and there are plenty more to available to expand your knowledge.

Below are a list of open course programs offered by various universities around the country. These are essentially free classes and course work that you can read, listen to, watch and engage with and learn from as you please.  Want to take a Poetry course at Harvard? No problem. What to learn about Statistics from someone at MIT? They’ve got a free video for that. I hope you’ll browse through the resources below and find a topic that interests you to learn about – remember, you should always stay curious and push yourself to learn something new!

MIT YouTube

MIT Open Courses

Harvard YouTube

Harvard Open Courses

Yale Youtube

Yale Open Courses

New York University Youtube

UCLA YouTube

UC Berkey YouTube

California State Open Courses


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