Students and Parents – I hope you find this website helpful over the course of your time in my class. I know that now more than ever we are all looking for faster, easier ways to access information, and hopefully you find the videos, podcasts, assignments and notes that will be available on this webpage useful. In 2015 when I began this website my audience was primarily my students, as I wanted to provide them a central location to access the digital versions of our classroom instruction. Five year later, with the centralization of my digital content to Google Classroom, my audience for this website has shifted to parents and guardians who do not have access to the Google Classroom suite. I hope to provide you with an overview of our instruction so that you may assist and support your students learning at home. Should you have any questions or issues using the resources on my webpage, please feel free to email me.


How To Use This Site:pagehowto

At the top right hand corner of the webpage you will see icons that will lead you to my Youtube channel as well as an email icon. Additionally there is a magnifying glass you may use the search the site for the information or assignments that you are looking for.

The menu bar at the top of the page provides you with links to the ‘Home’ page, ‘About’ me, and then each of the courses I teach are listed in order. Simply find your class and click on the appropriate semester in the drop down menu to access all posts, videos and assignments. Remember – all posts will show up in chronological order, with the most recent first. If you’re having a hard time finding what you’re looking for, or simply don’t want to scroll through all the recent posts, simply click the magnifying glass in the top right hand corner to search the site. Please note: the first five years of content for this website has now been moved to the ‘Archive’ page. This older content was created so much students could quickly access resources from class. Any assignments or resources in the archive may be outdated, may no longer work, and will no longer be maintained.

The home page will always display a slideshow of the four most recent posts for all classes. Below that you’ll notice that each course appears in it’s own section, with the four most recent posts available to click on as well.

At the bottom of the homepage you’ll find additional information about Remind 101 sign up’s, how to contact me should you need to, and office hours.


About Mrs. Pierce:

Homecoming Decade Day. Mrs. Pierce dresses up like the 90’s….the 1890’s.

I graduated from Harris County High School in 2005, and afterwards studied at The University of Georgia and Columbus State University with a bachelors degree in English Literature and a Masters in English Secondary Education, and a minor in Linguistics. I am Gifted and ESOL certified, and certified to teach AP Language and Composition; I also teach English 1101 courses through Columbus State Universities dual enrollment program. I am currently continuing my education by pursuing my Doctorate degree in Curriculum and Instruction. I am very excited to have moved back to Harris County and have the opportunity to teach at the school district that shaped my love for learning as a young person, and continue serving my hometown community.

Though I love English Literature, I enjoy working with my students on rhetoric and composition the most – students will write, and write, and rewrite in my class! I believe the ability to speak and write well is the most important skill I can foster in  my students – poetry and stories may enrich their lives, but being able to communicate with others will make their lives better. I am also very interested in providing my students with engaging assignments that utilize the latest technology – students will learn to be digital citizens in my class as well as skilled communicators.  As a Harris County native I also hope to encourage a sense of civic duty and local pride in my students.

In addition to my love of teaching and the English language, I also has a deep passion for always learning something new. Students can expect to hear all about my adventures in  gardening, farming, baking, hunting, canning, sewing, cooking, building, painting, goat milking, cheese making, geology, ornithology, and textile history research. I also enjoy hiking on the Pine Mountain Trail and spending time with family.

Gardening in the fall – radishes and lettuce galore!

I encourage students and parents to contact me if you have any questions, concerns or comments about class or the website – I encourage your feedback on ways to continuously improve this platform!



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