Diagramming Sentences – The Basics

Before you can effectively write using the English language, or even analyze how others use writing effectively, you need to be familiar with the basic parts and components of the English language. I know grammar isn’t your favorite subject to study and learn (hey, it isn’t my favorite either), BUT knowing and being able to identify these smaller component of your own language will allow you to write more effectively and assess and improve your own writing as the year progresses.


We’re going to begin by ¬†looking at sentence diagramming. Many of you can list off the parts of speech, but you may not actually know how these parts fit together to create syntactical structures. We’ll begin by looking are very basic, simple sentences. These will contain a Subject, Verb and Direct Object. We’ll then move on to sentences that also contain Adjectives.

Please review the videos below from class, and practice with the sample sentence below.

  1. The flowers grew.
  2. Birds were singing.
  3. The bunnies hopped.
  4. Cally was sleeping peacefully.
  5. Sydney has been hiking.
  6. May I play?
  7. Did Josh eat dinner?
  8. Should we have been reading?
  9. Are they coming?
  10. Can I sing?


11th Grade American Literature Fall 2019