Now that you’ve written your informational compare and contrast essay, I would like you to look back over your work.

Proofreading is an important part of writing – however, based on the number of errors and lack of capitalization I see often in your work, I worry that many of you do not do (or do not understand the importance of) proofreading.


Proofreading and self assessment is an important part of being a good writer – it helps us improve and grow. I help you better understand the importance of this step, I am going to have you self assess your own writing. In the chart linked below, indicate if or how well you met the requirements. In the box at the end, explain why you gave yourself the grade you did.

The goal here is for you to slowly work through your own writing and really check your performance with the stated requirements. Often times we rush or write without thinking critically – this leads to low grades and poor performance. Being mindful of our writing practices is the first step to help us improve.

NOTE: This must be an accurate self-assessment. Do not give yourself all 4’s if you did not earn them. I will be looking at your assessment as I read and prepare to grade your paper. If it is clear that you just filled this out without critical thinking or honest assessment you will be required to redo the assignment. Until it is redone your essay will not be graded and this assignment will be marked missing.