As you begin to work on your senior project research paper, please review the powerpoint below from class to refresh your memory on any of the steps we covered together.

Click here to access the “Writing Research Papers” powerpoint.

Remember, it is important that you understand the inquiry process so that you can begin to narrow down your topic. Having a specific question you would like to research the answer to is the first step to writing a quality research paper.

You also need to be sure to pull your resources from reliable websites and sources – if you’re not sure if a source is appropriate to use, check it with the C.R.A.P. Test.

Be sure to outline your information to ensure that you’ve picked the most logical organization for your topic – and don’t forget to compile your sources in a works cited page as you go along, as it makes it easier to cite your sources in the end.

Finally, be sure you’ve formatted your paper in MLA format. Not sure if you’ve used MLA correctly? Check the Owl Purdue Website to review the steps. 

Your research paper is due Monday, September 24th 2018.