Welcome to 12th Grade Honors English!


You are about to begin your last English course as an HCHS tiger – I hope you are as excited as I am!

The primary goal of this course is not just to expose you to more advanced literature, but also to give you the language skills you’ll need after high school. This mean you’ll be participating in a lot more discussion, verbal presentations, and a greater variety of formal and informal writing. Please review the class syllabus below for an overview of the class and grading policies.

Click here for the Honor 12th Grade English Syllabus

Additionally, you will also have a complete a senior project this semester. This constitutes 25% of your grade for this course, and is a sustainable part of the skills we will be mastering in class. You can review the documents for senior projects below, or by clicking on the ‘Senior Project’ drop drown menu under ’12th Grade English’ in the toolbar at the top of the website. Additionally, you can keep up with senior project news by visiting the school website at https://ga02202829.schoolwires.net/Page/1827.

Click here for the overview document of senior project details

Senior Project Permission and Release Form

Senior Project Proposal Rubric

Senior Project Paper Rubric

Senior Project Checkpoints

Senior Project Presentation Rubric