It’s that time of year again kids – testing season. So as you recover from Thanksgiving and prepare for the wild-rumpus that is Christmas, remember to review the format and requirements for your End of Course (EOC) exam!

Below you will find links to not only the assessment overview booklet from the Georgia Department of Education, but also the student/parent study guide provided by the GADOE. Please review the documents as needed – and remember, I make my class a little more difficult than the EOC so you are over prepared for this exam…. don’t stress, do your best, and follow the directions and you should be fine! 🙂


Click here to access the American Literature EOC Assessment Overview packet.

Click here to access the American Literature EOC study guide.


Remember, day one of the exam is the essay portion. You will have 90 minutes to finish the test. First, you will have two articles to read, followed by multiple choice questions. Then you will have a constructed response over those article, before moving on to the essay. You will either have an argumentative essay or an informational essay – the testing system randomly selects one of the two options for you.

Day two and three of the test consist of multiple reading passages of fiction and non-fiction, on which you will answer multiple choice questions, write constructed responses, or write a narrative response.

Our test will take place Tuesday, December 12th through Thursday, December 14th.