Before you can effectively write using the English language, or even analyze how others use writing effectively, you need to be familiar with the basic parts and components of the English language. I know grammar isn’t your favorite subject to study and learn (hey, it isn’t my favorite either), BUT knowing and being able to identify these smaller component of your own language will allow you to write more effectively and assess and improve your own writing as the year progresses.

This week we will be examining how to correctly diagram indirect objects and direct object compounds.

Now practice with the following sentences:

  1. I smelled the delicious, buttery pecan pie and cookies.
  2. WHOA! Hurricane Maria violently landed in Pureto Rico and destroyed the infrastructure.
  3. The shopper gave Cythnia the payment, and she gave them the change.
  4. I reluctantly gave the teacher the note.
  5. My brother and I walked into the haunted woods and picked Mother flowers.