Students – As we move away from the oral tradition of the Native Americans and begin to examine the literature of the Puritans, take a moment to watch the brief video at the link below. You should be gathering your background notes on the period from this video.

Remember that the readings from ‘CommonLit’ are still considered a part of the texts you can be tested on – it is your responsibility to print a copy of these readings out on your own time if you need a copy to review later (I HIGHLY RECOMMEND printing our digital readings out…you guys tend to have a harder time remembering the texts that you read online!).

Remember to continue to consider our essential questions for this unit as we move forward – you will be expected to write a reflection on one of these questions in your journal, and I will expect you to be able to reference the readings and make connections between them!

  • How did we become a ‘nation’?
  • Which experiences in living in a new land nurture the individual and the community?
  • How does the land make a difference to experience?
  • What ‘freedom’ mean?