Primary source documents are those which were written or created during the time period being studied – not at a later date, or 2nd hand accounts.

As we are tasked with studying the entirety of American literary history in roughly 17 weeks, there will obviously (and to my great dismay) be MANY things we do not get to read together. To try and address this without over-burdening you with entire novels to read outside of class, I have put together a packet of primary source documents for each of the units we will be covering. Sometimes I may assign readings from this packet, but often I will simply provide it to you so that you can continue your studies of American literary history on your own. These texts will also provide you with a great deal of historical context for the other readings we will be completing in class.

I will be providing discussion questions each unit based on readings in this packet, posted to our Google Classroom, and a response and discussion with your classmates over these questions can potentially earn you 5 bonus points on your unit test.

Honors American Literature Primary Source Packets:

Explorers and Early Settlers