Welcome to English 1101, Introduction to Composition.

By taking dual enrollment courses on HCHS’ campus, you will be able to take advantage of the chance to take college courses without having to travel 45 minutes to CSU’s campus.  While you will be on HCHS campus each day, and must abide by the HCHS dress code and attendance policy, you are college students. You will have to submit your coursework to CSU, and will be held accountable to CSU’s rules and guidelines for academic integrity. Additionally, you will only be required to attend class Monday – Thursday. You are not required to attend class on Fridays – unless you plan to workshop your writing with me, or if you have to be on campus due to the other classes on your schedule. On Fridays, if you do come to campus, you must either check-in to the Media Center, or come to my classroom.

It is your responsibility to keep track with the schedule for this course, and when your assignments are due. NO LATE WORK is accepted in this course. Please review the syllabus and ask me if you have any questions.

The majority of our coursework, quizzes and discussions, will be completed on CougarView. I will occasionally update this class website for your with additional readings or helpful resources, but your first resource should be the CSU platform.