ralph_waldo_emersonIn class today we began our study of the Transcendentalist – a group of close knit free-thinkers and non-conformist, largely from Massachusetts, that changed the future of American Literature. Please see the video below for the background notes on Transcendentalism, as well as background information on Emerson.

In class we are reading a series of texts by Emerson – you will either be responsible for reading excerpts of ‘Nature’, and determining how we see the ideals of Romanticism present in that text; ‘Self-Reliance’, and brainstorm an ‘Emerson’s Guide to Self-Reliant Living’ pamphlet; or his tenth essay, ‘Circles’, and complete an indepth analysis of the extended metaphor of the circle and how Emerson connects the ideas of Nature, The Individual, Society, and God/Spirituality.

Please click below to access copies of the essay from class.

Click here to access ‘Nature’

and here to access ‘Self-Reliance’.

Click here to access ‘Circles’.

See below for images from our notes and discussion in class:




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