I know that MANY of you, especially my AP students, are VERY stressed out this week! It has officially been a month back at school since Christmas break, progress reports go out Friday, and the ease and relaxation of the holiday season is officially gone. gone. gone.

I know. Teachers get stressed too! But I have been worried by just HOW stressed you all seem to be this week – so my recommendation is for you to take at least 5 minutes a day to just sit. in. silence. Relax. Meditate. Pray. Get into your ‘zone’ and leave everything else behind for 5 minutes. Turn off your cell phone (gasp!), get in a comfy place, and disconnect for five minutes. You’ll feel better, and whatever homework or Twitter notification you are stepping away from for those five minutes will be there when you return, I promise.

There are a lot of great website and apps you guys can use to help you de-stress and disconnect, if you just can’t seem to do it without your cellphone in your hand…

  1. The Quiet Place Project – it takes 2 minutes! Try it!
  2. The Headspace App – a great app for your phone that leads you through guided meditation.

It’s only January, and we still have a whole semester ahead of us kids – so be proactive and begin de-stressing regularly so you can get through the semester more easily! 🙂