Over the last week we have been examining current events in class and discussing not only ‘what is news’ but ‘how do we report the news ethically’? You have all done an amazing job analyzing news articles for bias and reliability – remember, as a journalist your job is to report the news – and only the facts of the news – in a manner that is accurate and reliable. Make sure you actively proofread your articles to ‘catch’ any opinion or biased connotative language that might accidentally make it into your writing before publishing.


In addition to discussing bias and reliability in the news, we also examined the code of ethics for Journalist, and what is means to make ethical decisions as a journalist. These notes are very important to this class and all of your assignments in this class – not just your test.  Please be sure to review our notes and lecture over Journalism Ethics below, as I will expect your to practice this ethical behavior in class each and every day.

Click here to review our lecture notes over Ethics in Journalism.