breakingnewsNow that we’ve covered ‘what is news’ and ‘how do I report the news ethically’, we can begin to examine just how to generate story ideas.

“According the, the story is the currency of journalism. Generating them is at the heart of what journalism does. Without story ideas, we have no content. Even in today’s media atmosphere with newsrooms aggregating content, the idea of what a story is has to come from somewhere. Most original stories that the media produces are the result observation of data, incidents, trends or statements. What they have in common is they started as an idea.”

As you brainstorm, map and research your story topics in this class you must always remember our AUDIENCE. The students (teenagers) of HCHS – what type of stories are they interested? What type of stories do they need to hear? How should we present these stories to them in a way that is interesting and engaging? Consider these questions as you work on your first articles this week, and please review our lecture notes before your test! 🙂

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