As you read and analyzed Jamacia Kincaid’s article this week, “On seeing England for the first time”, you explored the idea of the relationship between the citizen and the State within the system of Colonialism. You guys did a wonderful job analyzing the context of the speech in Socratic Seminar this week, and you began to explore how Kincaid made her feels as a citizen clear through her rhetoric.

You will work this week on engaging with our Essential Question for this unit through a choice of three different assignments. Please see the attachment below for the assignment sheet. You will have the option to choose a visual project, a written project, or a video/audio project. Additionally, you have the option of engaging with this essential question in the form of an informational/expository response, a compare and contrast response, or an argumentative response.

Remember, you must use two reliable sources and cite them in MLA format in whichever option you choose.

Click here to access your Colonialism assignment sheet.