Remember, as you prepare for our first Unit Test, you will have to demonstrate the skills we have been practicing in class, not just the information you have learned. You will need to be familiar with the content:

Native American Literature

The Oral Tradition

Creation Stories

Early Explorers

Excerpt from Conquistador ‘De Orbo Novo’

Puritan Literature

The Puritan Culture

William Bradford’s ‘Plymouth Plantation’

Anne Bradstreet’s ‘T o My Dear and Loving Husband’

Johnathan Edwards ‘Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God’.


But you will also need to show me you can use the skills you’ve practiced with these texts:

Identifying archetypes

Identifying theme

Identifying tone, and pointing to words or phrases the set tone.

Understanding how a writer appeals to their audience with ethos, pathos and logos.

Understanding what effects reliability or bias.

Analyzing a text for literary devices

Citing textual evidence.

Writing constructed responses using the RACE method.


Be sure to review your notes, go back and watch the videos and posts on this site, and feel free to contact me via Remind 101 if you have questions while you review and study.