Your primary assessment for this unit will be your in depth analysis booklet over William Golding’s “The Lord of the Flies”. You will have the opportunity to add to your analysis booklet each day in class, but note you should still work on it at home every night. Do not wait to the last minute to finish this assignment – the quality of your work, and by extension your grade, will suffer because of it and working on it at home at the last minute in the middle of the night eliminates your chance to discuss any questions you may have with either myself or your classmates. Please but sure to use your class time wisely to complete this assessment!


lotf-tagxedo-2Your booklet will contain four parts – Chapter Analysis, Character Analysis, Symbols and Themes. The requirements for each of these individual sections is listed below. Please note that you may hand-write or type your booklet… however, please be sure that it is legible if you elect to hand-write the assignmnets. Additionally, your booklet must have an illustrated cover and be bound together – either in a folder, hole-punched, or stapled.


Chapter Analysis

  • Each chapter should have a minimum of a half page analysis and summary of the major events, conflicts, and developments. You should also include the chapter analysis questions we cover each day in class – click here if you have misplaced your questions.

Character Analysis

  • For each of the major characters you will need to provide a general overview of who they are and their role in the novel, and an indepth explanation of how they change throughout the novel.
  • The characters you must include are:
    • Ralph (Full page)
    • Jack (Full page)
    • Piggy (full page)
    • Simon (full page)
    • SamandEric (1/2 page)
    • Roger (1/2 page)
    • The Choirboys (1/2 page)
    • The Littleuns (1/2 page)


  • You must analyze the deeper meaning and significance of each of the symbols in the story, and explain how they connect the characters in a minimum of a 1/2 page each.
  • The symbols include:
    • The Conch
    • The Specs/Glasses
    • The Fire
    • The Pig
    • The Beast


  • Finally, you must explain the major themes of the text, tracing how this theme shows up in the actions of the boys throughout the novel and how they struggle with these lessons, in a minimum of a 1/2 page each.
  • The themes you must analyze include:
    • The Loss of Innocence
    • The Traits of a Leader
    • The Darkness within Man
    • The Individual v.s. Society/Civilization

Remember, this will be due next week when we finish the novel – please be sure to talk to be BEFORE then if you have any questions!