As we say goodbye the our week of standardized testing, we can move into one of the most exciting texts you will be reading in class this semester – William Golding novel “The Lord of the Flies”. Focusing on a group of British boys whose plane is shot down and who are subsequently stranded on an island, the read follows them and their attempts to survive and govern themselves. Ultimately the novel is a reflection of humanity’s struggle with its darker tendencies towards violence and oppression,  while examining the role of government and ‘civilized society’ on the masses.

With only 12 chapters this book will be an easy read for you guys, and will give you the opportunity to ‘flex your analysis muscles’ before the Christmas break. The reading schedule for the novel is as follows:

  • Friday. December 2nd: Read Chapters 1 and 2
  • Monday, December 5th: Read Chapters 3 and 4
  • Tuesday, December 6th: Read Chapters 5 and 6
  • Wednesday, December 7th: Read Chapters 7 and 8
  • Thursday, December 8th: Read Chapters 9 and 10
  • Friday, December 9th: Read Chapters 11 and 12

Each day in class we will be conducting a literary analysis of the two chapters you read previous for homework, focusing on the plot, symbols, characters and themes present in the readings. Please be prepared to devote an hour to reading each night this week, and please show up to class ready to discuss the themes and issues this novel presents!