The Odyssey, a 3,000 year old epic poem by the blind bard Homer, focuses on the journey of the epic hero Odysseus. Having left his wife Penelope and his kingdom of Ithaca ten years earlier to fight in the Trojan War (detailed in Homer’s book The Iliad), Odysseus then spends ten years in The Odyssey trying to return home. Facing monster, mutinous men, Gods and Goddesses along the way, Odysseus must use all of his skill to return home and regain his family and kingdom.

Throughout The Odyssey Odysseus exhibits the traits of an epic hero in Greek culture – namely he has intelligence, physical strength, respect for the gods, and leadership. As you work through part 1 of The Odyssey, you will record citations from the text for each of the traits of an epic hero that Odysseus displays in your graphic organizer, similar to the one pictured below:


You will also need to make sure that you cite examples of Odysseus’ fatal flaw – namely, his pride and arrogance.

Remember, as we read through this story you must keep up with your graphic organizer – you will be able to use it when you write your essay over The Odyssey and it will be a great study guide for the final exam!