Do you feel overwhelmed by poetry? Do all of those metaphors and rhymes and allusions confuse you? Do you feel like you just don’t ‘get it’? Well you don’t have to feel like that anymore, because analyzing poetry is as easy as making buttered toast!

In class we will use the TOASTTT method to help us analyze poetry quickly and effectively.

To practice the TOASTTT method I would like you to pick a song that you like and that you think is ‘poetic’. Then complete the chart below, making ‘TOASTTT’ with that song. Finally, after you have analyzed the song using the TOASTTT method, decide if its actually ‘poetry’, or if its just a really catchy song. Hint: if it doesn’t have very many literary devices to analyze, and the theme is very generic and not very meaningful, it might just be a catchy song.

Click here for the TOASTTT notes from class.

Click here for the blank TOASTTT chart you can use for your analysis.