classical-greece-map-gr2Today in class we began out unit on Ancient Greek Literature and did a quick refresher over elements of Greek Literature you may have covered last year in 9th Grade Literature when you studied Homer’s The Odyssey. In this unit we will be reading the story of Prometheus and the First People and Cupid and Psyche, as well as lyric poetry from Ancient Greece. We will also be examining how these stories and tropes from Ancient Greece continue to impact our modern storytelling, language and culture.


Below you will find a link to the powerpoint over Ancient Greek culture and its importance that we reviewed today in class. Remember, understanding historical and cultural context is an important part of this course as we read literature from the past and cultures that are vastly different from our own.

Click here to download the powerpoint over Ancient Greek Culture and Literature.

We also covered The Hero’s Journey in class today – a concept you should have studied in 9th Grade Literature during your reading of The Odyssey. Below you will find a link to the video explaining the different steps of Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey that we took notes from, as well as a visual aid showing the steps of the Hero’s Journey. Remember, you will have a short quiz over this on Friday, January 7th!

Click here to watch the video over The Hero’s Journey.