Today and tomorrow we will be taking a pre-assessment in class over some of the concepts you should already be familiar with, and some concepts that might be new to you. This pre-assessment will help me determine if you guys are already ahead of what I have planned (because you’re awesome) or if we need to review some items from 8th grade literature again before moving on (so you can do well and pass my class).

Please take this pre-assessment seriously.

It is a grade, and it determines what we’ll be doing in class this semester!

Click here to open up the pre-assessment, and be sure to record your answers on the scantron provided to you in class!

You should work on have the pre-assessment today and the second half tomorrow. When you finish you should begin working on the Learning Style survey and poetry project you’ve been given. All three of these assignments – the pre-assessment, learning style survey and poetry project are due by the end of the day Friday. 🙂