As we study magical realism in Latin American Literature this week, you will be specifically looking at the story by famous Latin American author and Nobel Prize winner, Gabriel Garcia Marquez – “The Very Old Man With Enormous Wings: A Story for Children”.

Click here to read the story.

As you read the story be sure to identify where you see the four elements of magical realism (hybridity, irony, authorial reticence and supernatural as natural) and the six themes of magical realism (time, authority, carnivalesque, terror, revolution, no promise of a better life). See picture below for our notes from class on this. IMG_20151016_165310


Additionally, you will need to know the plot of the story as well as be able to explain your reasoning as to whether or not this should be considered a ‘children story’, as suggested by the title (see notes below for our notes from class).IMG_20151016_165159IMG_20151016_164606847

You will be completing an extended response on this story next week, so be sure to fill out your ‘Magical Realism Exploration’ chart in detail, as you can use it to help you write the essay!

Click here for the chart if you misplaced yours.


Just an interesting side note – two famous artist actually used this story as the inspiration for an amazing piece they displayed in London this summer – click here to read the article about this work of art that many people thought was real!