As we begin Unit 4 – Latin American Literature, please be sure you have reviewed and taken notes on the background information powerpoint we went over in class. This contains many of the key notes you will need to understand Latin American Literature more fully in class, including the major themes and concepts explored in Latin American Literature as well as the important authors and styles.

Please click here to view the powerpoint over Latin American Literature.


magic-realism-paintings-rob-gonsalves-1001Additionally, we discussed the idea of Magical Realism in Latin American Literature. Magical Realism is a type of fiction – when a story that takes place in a realistic setting that is recognizable as our past or present world (this excludes futuristic space colonies, lost ancient cities), incorporating impossible or supernatural elements (ghosts, spirits, miracles, powers, prophecies, etc.) where these extraordinary things are viewed as not just normal but also unremarkable, and thus, nobody bothers to explain why they exist or happen.

The Four Elements of Magical Realism are:

  • -Hybridity/Hybridization
  • -Irony
  • -Authorial Reticence
  • -Supernatural + Natural

Click here for the full set of notes from class that detail these four elements and the common themes in Magical Realism.