As you continue to examine Asian poetry, you will be conducting research over a poem and topic of your choice.

In class we read three poems – two Chinese and one Japanese – and asked you to pick a poem that you responded to the most. Then you were asked to conduct research over the historical context of that poem.

Click here to read the three poems from class.

If you decided to read and research Sanyo’s “Kyoto Earthquake of 1830” you will conduct research to answer the questions:

  • How much damage did the Kyoto earthquake of 1830 cause?
  • How did it effect the everyday life of the Japanese people?
  • What was one subsequent problem the earthquake caused?

If you decide to read one of the two poems by Chinese poet Ch’iu Chin, you need to pick one of the following topics to research:

Researching the Author

  • What was Ch’iu Chin’s role in China?
  • What were Ch’iu Chin’s radical ideas?
  • What ultimately happened to Ch’ui Chin?

Researching the Chinese custom of foot binding

  • What is the practice of foot binding?
  • Why did the Chinese bind girls’ feet, and who got their feet bound (what social class)?
  • How long did the practice last, and when/why did it stop?


Once you have decided which poem you’re focusing on, and have determine which set of questions you want to research the answers to, you will need to make sure you use only RELIABLE SOURCES!

Remember, reliable sources are those that can be trusted to provide unbiased, factual information. Reliable sources include .org, .gov or .edu websites, books, news organizations, educational journals or publications.

Unreliable sources cannot be trusted for accuracy or for an unbias perspective. Unreliable sources include Wikipedia, Yahoo Answers, any .net or .com website, blogs, editorials from newspapers, or forums.

Click here to view the worksheet from class on reliable vs unreliable sources.

Remember, if you have a hard time determine if a source is reliable or not, you can always ask us to check it with you!

You will need to gather information from reliable sources to answer the questions you’ve selected from above, and be sure to paste the information in your GoogleDocs. You will need to use this information throughout the week to write an extended essay response, so please save your research!