In class this week we are learning how to identify and analyzing the use and importance of informational text features.

Remember – the purpose of informational texts is to inform the audience… not to entertain, not to make them question, not to evoke an emotional response. Informational texts should be based in fact, not opinion. Additionally, the author of an informational text should present the reader with an unbiased perspective – that means you shouldn’t see able to see the writers beliefs or opinions in the text.

Below you will find the three informational texts we will be examining in class over the 2011 Fukushima disaster in Japan.

Informational Text 1

Informational Text 2

Informational Text 3


Remember, please refer to the handouts over informational text features if you are having a hard time identifying them or remembering them. You’ll find the handouts from class below:

Click here for the text version of the Informational Features handout

Click here for the picture/visual version of the Informational Features handout


Additionally, if you are absent or loose your assignment sheets, here are the reading questions you will be completing over the articles in class. Pay close attention to the questions – some of them are written in the form of a Constructed Response!

Reading Questions for Text 2

Reading Questions for Text 3