In preparing for your exam over The Crucible be sure that you review the process of writing an Extended Response and Constructed Responses. Remember – you will be able to use the rubrics I provided you earlier in the semester over each of these (they are printed on pink paper).

Your test will be comprised of three sections:

Multiple Choice – This will cover the plot, the characters, how the play relates to McCarthyism, and an examination of specific dramatic elements (monologue, authorial intrusion, etc).

Constructed Response – You will have two constructed response questions.

  1. Explain how your character contributes to the overall progression of the play (how/why they are important).
  2. Explain how your theme is represented in the play.

Extended Response – You will choose between one of the following extended response prompts for your exam.

  1. How did the political events of the 1950’s influence the writing of The Crucible?
  2. Among the many subjects explored in The Crucible (guilt, hypocrisy, hysteria, the nature of authority, courage and justice), which do you think is the single most important subject of the play?


Remember – you will be able to use your book for the constructed and extended response, so go ahead and mark the pieces of textual evidence you’ll want to use on your exam!