The moment we all have looked forward to has arrived – the day of your first major test in AP/Honors American Literature! If you have completed your readings, taken notes in class, participated in discussion, and studied/reviewed along the way, you should have no problem! For those of you have not done the above tasks, remember:


And, we will have 7 more unit tests, so you can always take the steps to do well on the next one or meet with me if you need help studying, reviewing, or taking notes.

What you should expect for this test in general:

  • Roughly 40 multiple choice questions.
  • An analysis of a Puritan poem with six devices to analyze and explain.
  • Two constructed responses.

What you should expect from this test specifically:

  • Multiple choice and short answer questions over syntax and grammar.
  • A focus on Rhetorical Analysis (SOAPSTonePlus) and close reading/analysis/annotation of poetry.
  • A focus on the literature of the Native Americans.
  • A focus on Puritan literature.
    • Vocabulary pertinent to Puritan literature.
    • Short answer and multiple choice over the writings of William Bradford, Edward Taylor, Anne Bradstreet, Mary Rowlandson, and Johnathan Edwards.
    • An close reading/analysis of a Puritan poem.
    • A constructed response over the rhetoric in William Bradford’s ‘Of Plymouth Plantation’.
    • A choice between a constructed response over either puritan Poetry of Bradstreet and Taylor, or the rhetoric of Rowlandson and Edwards.


Rememeber, LOOK BACK AT THE PAST POSTS ON THIS WEBSITE. Study with classmates! If you would like a copy of the review notes we took together in class today, please click the link below.

Native American and Puritan Review Notes

Study hard… You’ve got this!