In class we will be analyzing poetry specifically from African in this unit. Below you will find the poem we will be reading, and the instructions for the ‘mini project’. I really want you guys to focus on identifying THEME in this assignment… its a very important skill that you still need to practice.

Click here for the packet of African Poems from class.

  1. Read ALL of the poems in the packet.
  2. Pick ONE poem that you like the most, enjoy the imagery of, or have the strongest reaction to.
  3. Identify the THEME of that poem.
  4. PICK ONE of the three options below to complete using the THEME of the poem of your choice:

Option 1: Make a full color pictorial illustration of the theme of your poem.

Option 2: Find a SCHOOL APPROPRIATE song that has the same theme as your poem (bonus if the lyrics are similar too!)

Option 3: Annotate the poem in detail, and explain the theme.