Now that you’ve analyzed Edwards’ sermon, its time to find a way to demonstrate your knowledge. Below you will find the assignment sheet and rubrics for your “Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God” project.

Click here for the “Sinners…” Project and Rubric

*Please note that I have updated the rubric from class to reflect the fact that many of you wanted to create a 3D model and film it – therefore, the requirements for your video clip have been added to the assignment.

Click here for the “Sinners…” Project Esssay Option

Also, some of you asked for a fourth alternative of writing an essay about Edwards’ sermon, as you wished to practice your writing skills more. Below you will find the requirements for the essay option, should you decided that you would like to choose it instead. Note it will be graded with the 7 Point rubric for Extended Responses.3179036200_7f647c0dd2

Remember, this will be a summative grade, so work hard and make it count!