As we began our next unit over literature from Africa and The Middle East, please make sure you’ve taken the time to get the notes from myself and your classmates who presented today! The literature of this region is rich and diverse – and it pre-dates the Greek literature we’ve already read in many cases!


As we examine the importance of historical and modern African and Middle Eastern literature, be sure to remember just HOW BIG the region is, and just how DIVERSE! We can only do an overview of their rich literature in class, but if you’re interested in learning more it could make a great topic for the research paper you’ll do later in the semester!


Click here for the 1st Block Group Presentation over African Literature by Zy, Nigela and Tilor.

Click here for the 4th Block Group Presentation over Africa Literature by Nijah, Montanna and Robert.

Click here for Mrs. Pierce’s Presentation over Middle Eastern Literature.