Below you will find a list of concepts and skills you will need to demonstrate to pass the unit test over Ancient Greek Literature.  I will also list where in your notes you should have this information – remember, you had all day in class to talk with me one-on-one, work with a classmates to get any notes or assignments you were missing, and make flashcards or foldables to help you study.

You Unit 1 Test will cover:

All of the Unit 1 Vocabulary (listed on the website) – you will need to know the definitions and be able to identify the words in context.

The Hero’s Journey – you will need to know the 12 parts (in your notes, we covered it in class) as you will need to be able to apply it to one of the stories we have read (this is exactly what you did for the Cupid and Psyche project, so make sure you review that assignment).

Archetypes – know plot, character and theme archetypes and be able to reference the most commonly used ones we have read about (notes over archetypes in the story are on the website).

Ancient Greek Stories – be familiar with the plot of ‘Prometheus’ and ‘Cupid and Psyche’ (notes and the stories are on the website).

Ancient Greek Poetry – know the types of poetry and the three most famous Ancient Greek poets. Be able to identify literary devices in Greek poetry (review your ppt notes over Greek poetry).

Constructed Response– be able to write an effective constructed response using the 2pt rubric. Please see the link below for the constructed response you will have to write on the test if you would like to practice tonight (Remember, you CAN use ‘pink sheets’ on your test…. that means you can use the rubric I gave you!)

Click here for the Unit 1 Constructed Response Question