Today you tackled your first timed Extended Response. This is the format for the essay writing you will complete at the end of the semester on the American Literature Milestone End of Course examination. This timed essay is easier than the writing you will have to complete for AP Language next semester, but its a great way to ease you into timed scholarly writing.

For many of you, your biggest hurdle will be time management – you only have a set amount of time to complete the essay, so you much be effective and precise in your prose. Working on this now will keep you from looking like this during the tests in December and May:


Below you will find the prompt we worked on in class, a link to the rubric I will use, as well as a link to the guide chart on my feedback – just in case you can’t read my shorthand! Try not to stress too terribly much right now… I promise you will continue improve as the semester continues!

Your First Extended Response Prompt:

Choose one of the Puritan author’s we have read so far – William Bradford, Anne Bradstreet or Edward Taylor. Examine their effectiveness in representing their religious beliefs through the use of tone, figurative language, imagery, syntax, persuasion, etc. Discuss if the effectiveness of their writing changed from the Puritan period to the modern period.


Click here for the Extended Response Rubric.

Click here for the guide to my Writing Feedback Symbols.